20 November 2012

character sketches via tarot

Sasha is a Queen of Pentacles; she escaped a bad situation when she finally got fed up, and landed here in Bisbee (Six of Swords); she tends to ignite conflict (Five of Wands).

Jacq is a Page of Swords; depression haunts her mind (Nine of Swords); she mistrusts the balance of material give-and-take in most relationships (Six of Pentacles).

Abraham is a King of Pentacles; he has experienced grief (Five of Cups) and something has been stolen from him (Seven of Cups). His experiences are shaping him - he is transitioning to a King of Swords.

Alice Signay (name from "Cygnet") is a Queen of Swords; she works very carefully (Eight of Pentacles); she presents a new way of thinking (Ace of Swords).

Faiz Karimah (by name: potential to be a philanthropist/desires recognition; generous) is a King of Cups; always prepared and up for any challenge (Nine of Wands); tends to be defensive by default (Seven of Wands).

There's a celebration of an achievement (Four of Wands); then, dissatisfaction with reality (Four of Cups); a victory tinged with defeat (Five of Swords).

Major Arcana that came up during this draw (in order): Death, the Tower, the Wheel of Fortune, the Hermit, the Hanged Man, the High Priestess.

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