30 November 2012

Sasha Hemingway, dancing girl?

[story notes]

She might be Jacq's sister. I'm not sure yet.

If Jacq is my masculine side, then Sasha is my feminine side. Sasha is graceful, soft but strong, and confident in her femininity. Jacq is confident in her competence; her body is only her vessel, and an imperfect one at that although she appreciates her physical strength.

The two women are very close. They're like sisters, if not in fact. They love each other, and are familiar with each other's secrets. Sasha is far more open, in general, than Jacq, and she encourages Jacq to be more outgoing, more 'friendly' with her friends.

I not sure yet whether Sasha works and lives in a brothel, or if she's a dancing girl at a saloon, with her own separate housing. We'll see as the story unfolds.

The Madam of the brothel (there's probably more than one of those - we'll see) is an evanescent woman in her forties. She's energetically outgoing and bluntly opinionated (sometimes to a fault). She strongly dislikes passivity. She's unnamed, for the moment.

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